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Online Photography Courses

Basic $99

Learn the basics about how to operate your camera (yes in manual mode!), learn terminology and fundamental concepts about photography that will help improve your general skill set and understanding of how to make better photographs.  You will work to fine-tune your skills to create more clear, creative images and will receive tips for organizing and editing your images.  We will discuss general success at shooting in your every day environment and work to understand the basic fundamentals of photography in this class.  You should walk away from this course feeling comfortable and confident using your own gear and ready to document your every day life with a lot more success!  

  • 2 scheduled video calls:  a one-on-one mentor call with Kristen and then a group call with your virtual classmates
  • 1-25 minute instructional video
  • Exclusive access to Facebook Community where you can share work, ideas, feedback etc. with lifetime access
  • Digital PDF educational packet for download with basic information for learning your camera settings, shooting skills and basic editing
  • Tips for printing images
  • Cell phone photography hacks 
Intermediate $199

We will review some of the topics discussed in the Basic class but this class is recommended as a follow up from Basic or for those of you who feel fairly competent with your fundamental photography knowledge.  We will focus more on story telling, emotive images in this class.  How to really capture that moment you're looking for and how a variety of images can come together to tell one cohesive story.  This can be particularly useful when thinking about printing images for a home wall design or making photo albums.  We will also focus more heavily on editing skills in this course with an entire video dedicated to editing, organizing and archiving your images.

  • 4-week course with weekly homework assignments to be reviewed by Kristen and shared in the group on Facebook
  • 5 scheduled video calls:  a one-on-one mentor call with Kristen once a week and then a group call with your virtual classmates
  • 2-15 minute instructional videos:  setting your camera, more detailed shooting advice and one video entirely on organizing and editing
  • Exclusive access to Facebook Community where you can share work, ideas, feedback etc. with lifetime access
  • Digital PDF educational packet for download with basic information for learning your camera settings, shooting skills and more advanced editing and archiving systems than in the Basic Level
  • Tips for editing, organizing, archiving and printing your images
  • Cell phone photography hacks

*It is highly recommended that you own/have access to a DSLR (or a new mirrorless camera that is ICL) for these classes, and it is required for the Intermediate level course.  While I can certainly help with some basic skills that apply to all cameras, the idea for these courses is to use manual functions and fully understand how a camera works and the basics of capturing light.  The best way to really achieve this education is by using the right tools.  A computer is also required, not just a tablet.  

All classes will have a limited capacity and a calendar with available dates will be provided when possible.  All classes require a deposit and are based upon a first come first serve basis.  Please feel free to contact Kristen here on the website, via email, text or Facebook Message Kristen anytime with questions.  When you register an invoice will be emailed to you for payment that can be done using any type of major credit card.  Payment plans can be made available but your full balance is due two weeks before your class starts.  

A little about me....

I'm Kristen Deem, owner of Kristen Deem Photography and your instructor for these online photography classes!  I grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and continue to work there every year.  I have two boys, Lochlan and Axel, who keep me very happy and busy!  My husband is active duty military in the USAF and we move frequently.  Currently we reside in Germany and I love the scenery here and hopefully the opportunity to travel once the circumstances with COVID improve!  

I took my first photography class in high school but ever since I was young I remember often having a camera in my hands.  I pursued photography in college and graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism with a concentration in photojournalism.  While at BU I worked as a teaching assistant for basic photography classes and in the lab.  I first learned on film!  I developed my own film in a dark room and processed my own prints.  I helped teach many students coming through the program and always loved it.  During my college days at BU the professional photography world transitioned to digital SLRs.  As a group of students studying photojournalism we learned Photoshop together - essentially taught ourselves - as it was being developed.  Looking back on it all, it seems kind of crazy!  

I got my first job as a staff photographer at the Eagle Tribune daily newspaper in North Andover, MA.  I transitioned to The Salem News and worked for the Essex County Newspapers/CNHI for about four years.  I later moved to NYC and freelanced for a few years before moving to Charleston, SC to help launch a state of the art portrait studio for the owner.  About 4 years later I married my husband and have been moving with him ever since and setting up KDP in our new home every time we move.  

I've been fortunate to win several national clip awards in the journalism community, have been published in several books and magazines, have volunteered in many teaching environments in public schools and have been recognized as a Certified Professional Photographer by the PPA for the last nine years.  I work hard to keep up with my own education and am excited to share my love and passion for photography with others!  

Raised by two teachers, I suppose it's only natural for me to fall in line with teaching photography.  I promise to give you my very best attention and support as we tackle this photographic journey together.  And to me, it's more than just about using your camera.  There's so much more that you are capturing with that equipment.  It's your story.  It's your history.  It's your family's journey.  Life happens, and I think we should record it.  

I really value our relationships and connections in this life.  So let's connect together, make a community together, learn together, shoot together, grow together and find a space where we can share passion for documenting our days together with our cameras.  When it's all said and done, sometimes the memories are all we have left.  

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